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The Preparation and Progression in Intercession

“... whatever you ask the Father in my name He may give it to you.” John 15:16


Intercession (intervention or mediation), a go- between requires the right heart and the right motive, by one called by God. Jesus forever lived to make intercession for us – Heb. 7:25.

How to Intercede:

According to the will of God – love God completely

Have great faith – expect God to move

Don’t take God’s glory

Expect to be in warfare

A change of lifestyle

Be specific in intercession

Know and apply the promises of God

Love everyone, especially the enemies

Wait for the great intercessor – Holy Spirit

Webster says prayer is an earnest request or wish; but it is simply an act of making a supplication (appeal, request, and plea) to GOD,  according to our faith and belief in Him.

Prelude – Outer Court (The posture or position in which one enters into prayer)

Fleshly, human emotions, ego, and logic

Desires of the natural things

Outside voice – disturbance

Guilt in the human conscience

What should we do at this place?

Cleanse yourself - sin confession, ask for forgiveness and confess Jesus as Lord.

Give God thanks for who He is

Releasing - Outer Court

Jesus gives us the access to the Father.

A greater awareness of God and the Holy Spirit.

What should we do at this place?

Giving God thanks continuously - entering into the gate.

Greater responsibility to stay focus until led by the Holy Spirit 

Meditate on the Word of God and wait for Him

Adoration - Inner Court

Complete worship with our whole heart, listen, and continue to wait on God.

Yielded - Inner Court - There is no noise, no distraction, only Holy Spirit’s presence

The Seven Spirits of GOD is manifested – Isaiah 11:2

The spirit of the Lord, The spirit of wisdom, The spirit of understanding

The spirit of counsel, The spirit of might, The spirit Knowledge, The fear of the Lord

Entered - Holies of Holies - There, no flesh is glorified only God's presence

Divine presence, Divine wisdom, Supernatural abilities, Extraordinary faith

Peace, View of the Spirit Realm, Renewal and Refreshing, Revelation - Holies of Holies


Deliverance takes place, Yokes destroyed, Burdens lifted


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