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The Agape Organization is one that has a heart for people. I have been able to firsthand see and experience their sincere desire to help people find their way through many different life situations. This organization strives to be a community resource that not only understands the different dynamics of the people that need servicing, but they also understand and emphasize the mental and spiritual wellbeing as top priorities. I have been closely involved as a volunteer and appreciate the unwavering integrity and foundation that this organization is built on. The Agape founder is one who is most active and always seeking opportunities to help others while continuously making herself available to help those in need. There’s certainly a need for organizations like this one in our communities and I am always glad to encourage peers and associates to partner with and be a part of what Agape represents.


Valerie Cheely - Founder of  CHAT

Couples Hearing About the Truth


Agape International Christian Ministries Intercessors Network is an organization which stands by its foundational scripture Ezekiel 22:30 and stands in the gap through prayer and service for God’s people.  The organization serves as a transformational and impactful change agent not only locally but also globally.  I have personal witness to this organization’s love for the people who meet not only the spiritual need but also the physical need.  Agape provides an exemplary model of what Jesus ordained the Great Commission to look like and to be.  Evangelist Verna Hall, Founder, is a servant and her heart is that of service to the people.  From the organization’s fruition Evangelist Hall has put her whole heart into this ministry, and for those who make the decision to partner with the organization will benefit greatly on multi-levels.  


Rev. Gina Garlington, M.Div.

Office and Recruitment Manager

Beulah Heights University Adjunct Professor

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